Korando E Motion

Introducing the Korando E Motion The New All Electric Vehicle from KGM

It’s all-electric. It’s Korando e-Motion. All the practicality of an SUV, with all the sustainability of the electric vehicle you’ve been waiting for.

You’re in charge

With a range of up to 211 miles, Korando e-Motion has more than ample range. 15 miles to work and back again each day? One charge will last you a week. Going further afield? London to Leeds? No problem. Manchester to Birmingham? And back again

  • Rapid charging - 100kW The Korando e-Motion can be charged for normal use in just over half an hour. To be precise, 33 minutes will power your vehicle from 20% to an 80% charged battery which is ready to go.
  • Connect to a 50 kW point and you’ll have similar levels of clean pure energy in just 54 minutes.
  • Home charging - 7kW As nightime falls, e-Motion works overtime to provide you with a fully charged battery using a 7kW home charger. From zero charge to a fully loaded power pack in 11 hours.
Exterior The multi-focus reflector headlights feature distinctive blue accents. Sparkling high beam and low beam LED headlights will turn heads and light your way on the darkest nights. The triple stacked LED displayed fog lamps are integrated within the front bumper to complete the high tech image.A new silver line motif and distinctive double-V within the cluster announce a new look for the Korando e-Motion rear combination lights.The energetic, purposeful side silhouette is enhanced by the black finished door mirrors. The multi-function door mirrors can fold in when you step out with downward facing puddle lights let you see what you’re stepping into.
Electrifying good looks This is an all-electric vehicle with refined, energetic style. Bold, sleek and chic. Combining heritage and hi-tech in one refined advanced package, Korando e-Motion reduces emissions without sacrificing style.
Future-forward design Clearly a SsangYong with the dragon’s wing badge, clearly a Korando with a wide opening tailgate and substantial loadspace to cater for the families needs, clearly electric signed off with an e-Motion logo.
High efficiency, high output Korando e-Motion is powerful and quiet, smooth and efficient. The benefits of a battery electric vehicle are immediately apparent and appreciated.
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