Our new KGM signage has now arrived, and has been installed!

After SsangYong Motor UK announced its renaming to KGM Motors UK (KGM) we have been busy rebranding our Dealership - pop in and take a look!

As you can see the new KGM name is set to the right of the iconic winged logo, which pays homage to KGM’s heritage since 1954.

KGM Global boasts a rich automotive legacy spanning over 70-years, the company was originally founded as Ha Dong-Hwan Automobile Manufacturing in January 1954, before changing its name to Dong-A Motors in 1977. In 1988, the brand became SsangYong Motor Company which was acquired by KG Global with a majority shareholding in 2023. The acquisition signalled its entry into the automotive industry with a strategic focus on new product and electrification.