Meet The Team


Adam Nicholls

Managing Director

Adam Nicholls is part of the landscape he’s so far rooted into the three counties area. Born and raised on our land with a passion for cars. Honest, extremely funny and an absolute brain! Adam is always there to help and is a crutch to everyone in the company.

Richard Marshall

Service Manager

Richie has been working with Ford for a cracking 27 years and 21 of which have been with PJ Nicholls!
He is our group service manager and organising, prioritising and getting things done are things Rich does best!
His first car was a 1977 Mark 2 Ford Escort 1.3 and like his professional life has stayed loyal to the Ford brand since!
He us an avid fan of 70s and 80s rock music and a true team player.


Business Development Manager

Our beloved business development manager at our Evesham branch.
Dave has been in the automobile industry for "too many years to mention" with a cracking 20 years at PJ Nicholls!
He is the Godfather at PJ Nicholls, funny, witty and always happy and smiling.
His knowledge of the car industry will put others to shame and is a very loyal man. His heart is in his hands and what you see is what you get.
Dave is a family man, a team player and loves to socialise and experience all that the community has to offer.
Keen on sports and music and a determined squash player.

Sam Buettner

Senior Technician and MOT Tester

Sam is our Evesham workshop supervisor, senior technician and MOT tester. He has been with us for ten years and is a born leader. He is determined, a team player and loves a good challenge. His passion and love for Ford goes further than his work, they are his preferred cars and he loves classic Fords, the Sierra being his favourite model! Sam always wants to know how things work and on a weekend you will find him taking pretty much anything apart and putting it back together again!  


Service Advisor

Carol is what you call an expert Ford Service Advisor. After eighteen years working directly with Ford dealerships she hopped on the PJ Nicholls bandwagon and has been with us for the last eight years. Caring, gleeful and the all seeing eye for detail. As far as service goes we are proud to have one of the best onboard! 

Carol loves her nature and long strolls in the countryside as well as horse riding. She recently ran the London marathon for Multiple Sclerosis and continues to enjoy running and cycling.

Anthony Sherriff

Vehicle Technician

Our senior technician and MOT tester at Evesham, has been with PJ Nicholls for 7 years now. Extremely hard working, professional and a true perfectionist. He is passionate about fixing things and never gives up all the job is done properly. Ant is a father of two and enjoys spending time with his family as well as working on classic Fords the Sierra being his favourite model.



Benny is one of our apprentice technicians at our Evesham branch and has been working with us for the last two years. He is confident, hard working, organised and structured. He was attracted to PJ Nicholls as it is a name in the local community. He loves working for us as there is a great team nurturing environment and all our staff are always willing and ready to help and share key knowledge about his job and the automobile industry. In his free time he is an avid Manchester United supporter and enjoys weight lifting at his local gym.


Tom Nicholls

Managing Director

Tom Nicholls is the man with a plan. The visionary and always bubbling with ideas! Professional, elegant and a key business man. Motivator, friend and boss Tom has all of the hats to fit the situation. If Tom can’t do it no one can.



Forcourt Cashier

Doreen Boyle is a pillar in the Pershore and Worcestershire area. Know by the people, Doreen was born to serve them. She’s bubbly, funny kind and a mother to us all! A recent online celebrity too, as DoDo officially opened new digital petrol pumps. If you are ever down just pop into our Pershore branch and have a chat with DoDo in the SPAR shop! We love you Doreen! 

Alex Griffin

Vehicle Technician

Alex has been with us since his apprenticeship and has worked his way up to vehicle technician. He is part of the family and is passionate about cars and Supermoto. He is a speed freak and enjoys his car shows. He has given up comedy in order to concentrate on his position of fly half in the Pershore rugby team. Kind, helpful and genuine Alex is always there to help.


Service Manager

Steve, aka ‘The Wonder’, left school, integrated an apprenticeship program and came out as a fully trained vehicle mechanic.
After understanding how things worked behind the scenes Steve joined the PJ Nicholls family in 2015 as Head of After Sales at our Pershore branch.
"The Wonder" has a keen eye for detail and is a highly competent problem solver.
He prides himself in customer experience, satisfaction and is always ready to help.
Out of work Steve is a passionate cook and enjoys all culinary experiences as well as being an eager gardener and very much into interior design.



Forecourt Manager

Haydn is our forecourt area manager and a key player for the PJ Nicholls family.
He is the tallest member of our team at a cracking six foot six inches!
He has been with us for the last thirteen years and can be spotted rushing between our four forecourt sites!
Funny, organised, structured and highly reliable are Haydn’s middle names.
He loves working with us as we are a family business and he feels a great sense of reward from his work.
In his spare time he enjoys walks with his wife, spending time with his two boys, cinema and supporting his favourite football team - Spurs.




General Manager

Liz is the General Manager of our Tewkesbury branch and belongs to our staff loyalty club with over 15 years service under her belt. 
She oversees the general day to day running of the business and ensures customer’s expectations are exceeded. 
The company are very proud that Liz has been awarded her BSc Honours degree in Automotive Dealership Management at Loughborough University. 
Outside of work you will find Liz either with her head buried in assignments, on the squash court - (having been once, County champion) or enjoying her favourite beer Butty Bach!

Learn more about Liz Barr’s journey here

Joe Spiers

Senior Vehicle Technician and MOT Tester

Joe is part of the PJ Nicholls walls he has been with us so long. Highly skilled and a fountain of knowledge he is everyone big brother. Kind hearted, happy and generally just a great down to earth man. You will find him on the golf course in his free time.


Senior Vehicle Technician and MOT Tester

Andy Radbourne is one of the longest standing veterans at PJ Nicholls. His workmanship is second to none. Hell, Andy created fixing cars! His attention to detail surpasses most in the motor trade and he is an exceptional team player; helping all of the new and existing recruits find their feet.

Fabio Longo

Service manager

Tewkesbury’s Service Manager by day and SuperDad by night, Fabio is the master of service and organisation. With a solid motor background Fabio brings the Mediterranean flare to PJ Nicholls and will brighten up your day. Father to four and devoted in everything he does our MensHeath model will get it under control and sorted out!



Expert Technician, Mechanic & MOT Tester

Mark Adams was born in PJ’s workshop and has been with us ever since; we wouldn’t have it any other way! This highly skilled mechanic is a born leader and leads his team to success every time. Loved by all he is a fun loving team player and shares his experience and skill set will all. Keen father and fisherman and prankster we would be lost without him!


Accounts Department

Lynda AKA Lyndie is everyones best friend: kind funny and hard working are just some of her wonderful qualities that please Lyndie at the heart of PJ Nicholls. 

Always a phone call away, Lyndie can help with tips and advise or even for a catchup on whats happened over the weekend.

Outside of work Lyndie is committed to improving her life for the better as a regular gym goer. All of this and more make our Lyndie a perfect fit in the PJ Nicholls Team

Dan Pitt


 Dan is Mr discreet - never could someone so tall be so stealthy! He is polite, helpful and always grinning from ear to ear! Better known as the executor in our Malvern branch, he completes work efficiently!