Available at P J Nicholls, we are excited to offer your a great selection of TentBox. A TentBox will work with most vehicles, and is very simple and easy to install.

All models are in stock, and we offer free nationwide delivery!

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By the way… a common misconception around roof loads:

Your listed vehicle roof load limit is for a dynamic load, which means the maximum recommended roof load whilst the vehicle is being driven. When your vehicle is stationary, your vehicle can take 5x more load weight – this is called the static load.

In other words, there is no need to worry about the added weight of people inside your TentBox, as they will only be inside when your vehicle is stationary!

There are a lot more forces applied on a vehicle whilst it’s being driven (breaking, turning, hitting bumps in the road), which is why there is such a big difference between the dynamic and static loads.