Making your journey easier propels us further

We're taking steps big and small to bring you solutions that put you in control – from an app that keeps you on-the-go easier, to creating innovative FordHubs that take mobility to a whole new place – with FordGuides to help you every step of the way.

Watch our short animation here to experience a day in the life of FordPass.

Ford Ka

The FordPassTM App is a one-stop mobility app designed to help you move through your day the way you already do – only smarter, better and easier than ever before.*

FordPass Park will help you find parking spots, view pricing, hours and ratings. Plus, pin your spot so it’s easy to find your car. You could also save 5% on parking costs: open the Park feature within FordPass and you’ll be given a code which you can use when making advance bookings via the NCP website.** 

Avoid the queues with Live Traffic: the intuitive system delivers real-time service updates to give you the best calculated journey times possible.*

Need to book your next service? You can now do it using our new Online Service Booking system. 

Keeping up-to-date with your warranty coverage has never been easier. Now you can update your warranty status and check your warranty end date.

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