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Customer Feedback

We have been rated 4.58 out of 5 based on 2996 ratings.

I'd suggest PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury to a friend because have had good service from them

I'd endorse PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury because their customer service was fantastic from start to finish and we absolutely love our new vehicle!

PJ Nicholls Evesham were helpful because the attitude and knowledge of the salesperson was influential in my decision to buy.

I'd endorse PJ Nicholls Evesham because they are always really helpful and I have trust in the service I receive from them.

The experience at PJ Nicholls Pershore was great because they very carefully identified all of the issues with my car, repaired them and now my Mondeo is as good as new.

PJ Nicholls Evesham were helpful because pleasant to deal with.

I'd recommend PJ Nicholls Malvern to anyone because they offer good value and a high level of service. They communicate well and seem very competent.

I'd suggest PJ Nicholls Evesham to a friend because ,if have always found them friendly,helpful and reliable

PJ Nicholls Malvern were helpful because they are a local and not attached to any national group.

I'd definitely recommend PJ Nicholls Pershore to friends and family because their service is at least as good as any other Ford dealer and their price was good.

The experience at PJ Nicholls Pershore was fantastic because they collected my car in the time specified, returned it in good time having completed the service and the car seems fine.

The experience at PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury was great because they provide courtesy car, service the car in time they specified and car running perfectly again. Thanks

My experience at PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury was memorable because The staff are always friendly and helpful.

PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury were helpful because the service was very good, car collected and delivered back to my home address. Only disappointment was the previous service was cancelled due to P J Nicholls driver being sick. As a result I was assured my car would be valeted free of charge. However this did not happen

PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury were fantastic because friendly staff and a Ford Guaranteed Service

Even though I had no bought my Focus from them they provided a courtesy car free of charge. Unlike a certain other Ford dealer in the area this one actually had some fuel in it! The car was returned to me having had a really good valet - again free. I won't be going anywhere else for servicing and MOT. When the time comes to change the Focus I'll also give them a look. It's important to support local businesses and these people are worth that support.

PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury staff were good because they are usually keep you informed of progress ans although the work was done on time no-one kept me up to date with progress or returned my calls and they were too busy to clean the car as promised.

The experience at PJ Nicholls Pershore was ok because we were told the first service would be an hour. We were not offered any form of transport, even to decline it as we anticiapted just walking a short distance to a nearby supermarket ; the main town of Pershore is a fair distance to walk there and back, However, my husband and son had to do that as the service centre said it would be more like 2 hours and so they did walk into Pershore to kill the time. Nevertelees the service centre did bring the time forward by 15 minutes as I had an emergency dental appointment to accommodate. We were not told that the car's first service had to be paid for as in the past with other vehicles they have not been, nor were we told how much either. That would have helped a lot to know both those things. We have been out of this country for seven years and this vehicle is our first for many years in the UK and so we are probably less aware of changes. Nevertheless, we were extremely satisfied with the purchase of the car in March and in particular the sales manager, Mr. Jon Ablett.

The experience at PJ Nicholls Evesham was good because of the knowledge, courteous of the salesman, the quality of the product and the impressiveness of the hsowroom

I'd recommend PJ Nicholls Evesham to anyone because of there quick efficient service

PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury were really helpful and I'd recommend them because Service on car completed on time and car cleaned.

I'd endorse PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury because I know I'm going to get fantastic service and value for money.

PJ Nicholls Pershore were great because they organised a service slot to suit me then kept me up to date during the service

Friendly keen staff,car cleaned,ready on time

PJ Nicholls Pershore were great because everything was explained well. Couple of things needed to be done but Stephen was very helpful and was very detailed.

My experience at PJ Nicholls Evesham was memorable because Good service. Polite staff.

My experience at PJ Nicholls Evesham was memorable because it was just what we iwanted a quick and easy purchase carried out by a professional salesman Mr Dave Preece

PJ Nicholls Malvern were great because I needed a sympathetic firm able and willing to deal with my elderly ( and unusual make of ) car, Having gone in to ask about having her serviced there, I was impressed by the attitude and understanding shown by staff; this was repeated when I took my car in on the day booked, and again in the courteous way checks were made with me, before certain work was carried out.I hope the work done in the workshop is as good as the attitude in reception ...and so far I think it is , as my car is running well again. Many thanks.

I'd recommend PJ Nicholls Evesham to anyone because of the excellent service and experience i reciieved when recently purchasing a car from the Evesham branch.

PJ Nicholls Evesham are great. They were friendly,helpful and the mechanic explained clearly the issues with the van. They also fitted me in on short notice,l would highly recommend them and will be taking my vehicle to them every time.